Rosacea Reviewed by Charlotte Dermatologist Dr. Darst

Dr Marc Darst Charlotte Dermatologist

By Marc A. Darst, MD

Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

Physician (MD, DO), Dermatology


Rosacea is a skin condition caused by swollen blood vessels located just under the skin’s surface, resulting in red blotches and dilated blood vessels on the central face. It may also result in acne rosacea – blemishes that look similar to acne.

Rosacea isn’t harmful, but the reddish blotches and pimples can make people self-conscious. In ocular rosacea, swelling and redness occur in and around the eyes, which can potentially harm your vision.

Rosacea Treatment by Charlotte Dermatologist Dr. DarstDr. Darst offers a variety of ways to manage this incurable skin disease. Topical creams and oral medications can offer some relief of symptoms.

Managing rosacea and keeping the symptoms under control should include the prevention of new outbreaks. Alcohol, hot and spicy food and extremes of temperatures can worsen rosacea, and exposure to sunlight is also harmful. You should also eat a healthy diet and use gentle skin care products to control breakouts.

(Images show the before and after results for a patient with rosacea following treatment with Mirvaso, a topical medication prescribed to reduce the facial redness caused by rosacea.)