Sunscreen Tips

Akron Dermatologist Dr. Mostow

By Eliot N. Mostow, MD

Akron, Ohio 44320

Physician (MD, DO), Dermatology


I like to take a pragmatic approach to sunscreen use. Especially for men, the first step is to own some sunscreen and have it where you need it! Put some in your golf bag or with your running shoes or in your car (or all of the above).

The second step is to try a few different brands so you find at least one that you like. For example, my wife likes ones that are more moisturizing…but I like some types for my face and other for my arms and body that have more hair! I also like using hats and sun protection clothing so I don’t need quite as much sunscreen!

Finally, the other key, now that you have what you need, is to get in the habit of using it. A little bit of sun is fine for vitamin D, but taking extra vitamin D supplements can also make sense for some people. In the end, life is too short, so enjoy the day, don’t be afraid of going outdoors, just protect yourself!

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