Mohs Surgery & Scars by Dr. Ed Yob

By Dr. Edward H. Yob, DO

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012

Physician, Skin Cancer, Mohs Surgery


All surgical procedures have the potential to develop a scar that may be visible.

The appearance of a scar following Mohs surgery will depend on several factors. These include the following:

  • location of the lesion being removed
  • surface area of skin removed during the Mohs procedure
  • individual skin characteristics (tendency to develop scars, such as keloids)

It is important to remember that the tissue-sparing nature of the Mohs surgery technique may result in a smaller, less noticeable scar than other skin cancer removal methods, such as curettage.

A Mohs surgeon also may be able take measures that reduce the risk of scarring, such as making suture lines blend into the patient’s natural skin lines and folds.

Most scars improve in appearance over time.

Scar revision treatments and techniques are available if necessary to further reduce the appearance of any scars.