Vivacare Mobile App for Patient Education

Vivacare, a leading provider of patient education services for medical professionals, has released its Vivacare mobile app that enables dermatologists and other dermatology professionals to deliver personalized health resources into the hands of their patients and family members.

Patients are directed to AppStore to download the Vivacare app and enter their doctor’s code to view personalized doctor-recommended resources.

For instance, a patient of Dr. Roger Ceilley may download the app to his own mobile phone for convenient access to practice information (driving directions, insurance information) and in-depth information about the reason for his office visit. If the patient is seeing Dr. Ceilley for a Mohs Surgery consultation, the patient may view a video to prepare him/her for the procedure and monthly skin cancer check reminders via the mobile app.

Patients benefit by getting health information from the source they trust most…their own dermatologist, as well as gaining access to prescription medication savings and other features.

Dermatologists can distribute over 200 in-depth patient education resources through the Vivacare app, including interactive “learning modules” that help patients master key issues regarding their condition or treatment.

The patient education content is made available from the NIH, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Dermatology, medical publishers, and disease advocacy organizations, such as the National Eczema Association.

Dermatologists customize the mobile app with the content and resources that they wish to distribute to patients. They can add/remove selected titles, publish their own patient education handouts, or add Health Tips for display on the mobile app.

The purpose of the Vivacare patient education app is to help patients better understand their skin condition and take steps to manage their health.