Rosacea Awareness Month – Rosacea Education Kit for Dermatologists

National Rosacea SocietyRosacea afflicts 16 million Americans, and most of them don’t know it. Now the public can now learn more about this chronic skin disorder from their own dermatologist.

The National Rosacea Society has designated April as National Rosacea Awareness Month to alert the public of the signs and symptoms of rosacea and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.

In support of Rosacea Awarenes Month, dermatologists are offered a free Rosacea Education Kit with patient education handouts from the National Rosacea Society that can be 1) printed in the office 2) displayed on the doctor’s website or 3) distributed via a mobile app for patients.

Rosacea Patient Education AppRosacea education content cover a wide variety of rosacea topics, including different types of rosacea, rosacea treatment options, and rosacea skin care recommendations. The kit includes a Rosacea Diary for patients to track their symptoms and keep their rosacea under control.

Enrolled dermatologists are also able to share their own “expert opinion” regarding rosacea, such as their perspective on various treatments or their personalized approach to care.

For instance, Dr. Julie Harper shares her expertise on the use of Azelaic Acid for rosacea, and Dr. Steven Zimmet published his expert opinion regarding the use of lasers for rosacea treatment.

Rosacea, also called “acne rosacea,” is a non-contagious, chronic skin condition found most commonly in people 30 to 60 years of age.

“People need to be more aware of this highly prevalent disorder, and the need for treatment and lifestyle changes before it becomes progressively severe.”said Dr. Jonathan Wilkin, chairman of the NRS medical advisory board.