People with Rosacea Victims of Poor First Impressions

By: Vivacare - Dr. Mark Becker

A rosacea survey of over 1500 people by the asked individuals to compare images of women with clear skin and images of the same women digitally enhanced to simulate rosacea symptoms on their faces.

The respondents formed judgments about the personalities of the women with papulopustular rosacea (type 2 rosacea), describing them as more likely to be insecure (33% vs. 13%) and shy (34% vs. 18%) than their counterparts. Compared to women with clear skin, women with rosacea symptoms were considered to be less intelligent (36% vs. 43%) and not as successful (18% vs. 32%).

“The survey results confirm that rosacea can have a strong impact on people professionally, socially and romantically,” said Samuel Huff, Executive Director of the National Rosacea Society.